How To Benefit From Opportunities In The Middle Of Chaos

Discover How The Wealthy Generate 
Playing Real Life Monopoly
The guide to build your wealth.

      Dear Friend,

Do you know how to play Monopoly? If so, I can show you a real-life game that is as easy to play, and that generates real cash, not multicolored fake paper notes.
If you are thinking of acquiring several streams of truly passive income, making asymmetric profits while at the same time increasing your financial IQ, this may be of interest to you.
To win at the game of Monopoly, assets are the key. It’s no different in life.
When you first start playing, what do you do every time you land on a square that no one else has bought?
You buy it. You accumulate assets.
That is what wealthy individuals do – they accumulate assets that yield passive income down the road.
Financial educator and billionaire Robert Kyiosaki has famously stated, “Assets put money in your pocket.”
In a Monopoly-like manner, but in real life, you can acquire cash-generating assets that put money in your pocket…
…Day in, day out.

And I’m just about to show you how you can do the same and join the game even if :
 >> You know nothing about finance or asset management
 >> You have little time available to look after your investment portfolio
 >> You don’t have much savings

The Potential Of
Digital Assets
Digital assets can give you several streams of passive income and capital appreciation.
Keys To Success For Online Businesses
Scalable, Portable, Manageable, Transferable, Enjoyable, Shareable and Profitable.
 The Benefits From Scaling Start-ups
Systemize, Automate, Delegate, Cash Flow, Exit.

YES, This Webinar Is For You,if ...

  • You love business adventures & new projects and you accept calculated risks.
  • You want to have a Made-For-YOU Wealth Building System to create several streams of passive income.
  • You are willing to take your financial future into your hands and take action.

João de Saldanha

Co-Founder and CEO

My name is João de Saldanha. 
I am Portuguese, I live in London, I am married to Ana and we have 4 children, all of whom are independent. 
The youngest recently turned 28 years old. I have been self-employed since I’m 27. 
I am now 57. 
The bottom line is very positive, but twice my businesses went bankrupt. 
During those difficult times, I often dreamed of having an investment portfolio that would provide me with a regular income and, from time to time, some capital gains. However, I didn't know how to go about it then. 
One day, a friend invited me to a personal development programme which made total sense to me. 
I started working on my mindset as well as my financial intelligence, with books and videos, attending conferences and seminars, hiring coaches and mentors, and started building the dream of having a portfolio of investments paying me regular dividends.

With the mastery of these skills, I wanted to share them with others, with YOU.

Are you planning to retire early ?

retire early

Or perhaps would you like to savor your best years with the kids and enjoy the great outdoors ?

spend time with family

Or have more money to travel the world ?

travel the world

Or you’re just tired and want to have more time to live life outside of work ?
Give me just a few minutes of your time and I will show you how you can profit from my secret recipe for easily turning real-life assets into cash flow generating machines.

The webinar is free and available for you to watch at any time. 
So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy learning about the 
secrets to generating passive income.

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How You Want To Play The Long Game 
Is Entirely Up To You
But you know already, and see this
 everywhere : Economy is not looking great right now!

Time to start focusing on how YOU can create

And you'll hear all about how to do this in the webinar.

Are You Ready ?

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